2 September 2009 - Reclamation: Organized Housing in NYC

Wednesday September 2nd - 7:30PM
Brecht Forum
451 West Street, New York, NY 10014


--Break and Enter (Rompiendo Puertas) - Newsreel, 1970, 42 minutes
--At Home in Utopia - Michal Goldman, 2008, 57 minutes
TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 99 minutes | Digital Projection

Discussion with:
--Tom Gogan - of the Union of City Tenants
--Esperanza Martell - member of El Comite
--Boris Ourlicht - Coopnik
--Laurie Ourlicht - Boris' daughter, Coops descendant, Westbeth resident, visual artist
--Ed Yellin - Coopnik

C0-sponsored by Red Channels

(All of the Newsreel films are available from Third World Newsreel. The Goldman film is available on DVD (2009) from Filmmakers Collaborative.)