3 August 2009 - Bridges and Tunnels: Art and Efficiency

Monday August 3rd - 7:30PM
Brecht Forum
451 West Street, New York, NY 10014


--Manhattan Waterfront - Harold McCracken, 1937, 11 minutes
--Arteries of New York City - Robert S. Lynd, 1941, 9 minutes
--Daybreak Express - DA Pennebaker, 1953, 5 minutes
--Third Ave El - Carson Davidson, 1957, 11 minutes
--The End of the "El" - Pathe News Magazine of the Screen, 1957, 3 minutes
--Stations of the Elevated - Manfred Kirchheimer, 1980, 49 minutes
TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 88 minutes | Digital Projection

Discussion with:
--Peter Derrick of the Bronx Historical Society, and author of Tunneling to the Future (NYU Press, 2001)
--Marty Goodman, MTA Station Agent, and Executive Board Member of Transit Workers Union Local 100
--Manny Kirchheimer, filmmaker and professor, director of Stations (1980), We Were So Beloved (1985), Tall: The American Skyscraper and Louis Sullivan (2004) and Spraymasters (2008).
--Cassim Shepard of Urban Omnibus
--Jon Zazove of Dear MTA

(Pennebaker's film is available on DVD from Pennebaker Hegedus Films).